PayPal Annual Error Resolution Notice | Quick Guide

We all know that PayPal is a top-rated online payment platform that allows users to perform many online transaction-related activities. The application has more than 200 million users that use PayPal for their daily-life activities. But sometimes you may face some problems while using the application. One of the most common errors that many users have complaint about is -‘Annual error resolution notice PayPal’.

It is very important to ensure that whatever transaction you are doing by your PayPal app is safe and secure as the application is totally related to money. There are various types of cyber-attacks that may lead to phishing activities. To access any service of PayPal, you may need to provide your credit card details and bank account information. Fraudsters often target PayPal and may hack your account and put you in debt. One of the latest cyber frauds that many users are receiving nowadays is the PayPal annual error resolution notice email. Check out the detailed information about PayPal Annual Error Resolution Notice from this article.

What does Annual Resolution Notice Actually Mean?

You must know what is annual error resolution notice from PayPal means. It is a kind of helpful information mainly related to a billing error or unauthorized transaction on your PayPal account. If you have made any unauthorized transaction from your account or done such transactions mistakenly, you need to check out the PayPal annual resolution notice. For this, go to the user agreement section and identify if there are any unauthorized transactions done from your account.

When you get such error message on your account, do provide the following information to PayPal to rectify and troubleshoot the issue:

  • You need to provide your correct name and account number that is linked with your PayPal account.
  • Explain the error you are getting or the transaction you are unaware of and try to explain clearly.
  • Always provide the dollar amount of the suspected error for which you have received the notice.

Is My Annual Error Resolution Notice by PayPal a Scam?

As explained above, PayPal is always scrutiny of scammers and causes various issues to the end-user. It is very important to know whether the notice that you have received is a scam or not. You can look for the following points to identify whether you have received a valid error notice:

  • Check whether the email from which you have received the notice contains a logo similar to PayPal, if not, then immediately complain PayPal about same.
  • Also, check the ID of the sender, make sure it consists of the domain name of Otherwise, consider it as criminal deception activity.
  • You have to log in to the account, but if you have received any scam email then it would not take you to the PayPal site. So, identify where are you landing up to after clicking on the link.

And, if by chance, you have received a fake PayPal annual error resolution notice email, immediately complain to PayPal. You may lose money and your account might get frozen. After which, many users keep asking how to unfreeze PayPal account. So, always double confirm whatever activity you are doing from your PayPal account.

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