How to Withdraw Money from PayPal? [Quick Methods]

Being one of the popular online transaction platforms, PayPal offers several features to its customers. It is used to manage day-to-day transactions by offering various simple and easy options. From its first version to the latest one, it has changed a lot and now it is much simpler and easy to use. PayPal is also known for its quality service and customer support, but sometimes you face some issues while using the application.

One of the most common problems that you may encounter while using the application is PayPal access denied that generally occurs while withdrawing money from a PayPal Account. There are various methods that you can try to fix PayPal Access denied issue or any other problem with your PayPal account.

It is very important to know proper methods for How to withdraw money from PayPal in order to avoid such problems. Here, in this article, we have mentioned proper methods to withdraw money from your PayPal account along with other required information.

How do I withdraw money from my PayPal Account?

You can easily withdraw money from PayPal with a bank account or credit card. If you want to withdraw money from your PayPal account using your own bank account online or using the PayPal app, you have to:

  • First of all, log into your PayPal account using your user name and password.
  • Then, go to your wallet and click on the Withdraw money option.
  • Choose the account from which you want to send money and then select a linked bank account.
  • Confirm the amount to withdraw and tap the continue button.
  • You’ll be provided one last chance to review the amount and all the entered account details, before confirming the transfer.

If you are using the PayPal app, then you have to simply go to your PayPal balance, and click on withdraw money button.

How Can I Link My Bank Account with PayPal?

It is very simple to link a bank account to your PayPal account. All you have to do is:

  • Click on the Wallet button located at the top of the page. In case if you are using a mobile device, click on Menu and then Wallet.
  • Then tap the button indicating, “Link a bank account”.
  • Choose your bank. If your bank doesn’t appear in the list, click on Don’t see your bank? Button located at the bottom.
  • You can also link your bank instantly using your online banking login details, depending on the bank you choose. If you are unable to find the instant opening option, enter your bank account details manually and then click on the Agree and Link button.

How can I withdraw from PayPal at Walmart?

You can easily withdraw money from your PayPal balance to your local bank account. Firstly, you have to unlock your PayPal account and then do the relevant transactions.

You can use your eligible Visa & MasterCard debit or prepaid card. For this, click on the Transfer button adjacent to your bank name that is usually located below your PayPal balance. Then, you need to select any cards in your wallet that are eligible for processing withdrawals.

PayPal Debit Card

To convert the amount in your PayPal wallet to cash, all you need is a PayPal debit MasterCard to spend the money from your account. In order to avail a PayPal debit card, you must have a PayPal Business account. Meanwhile, till now PayPal doesn’t provide a linked debit card for personal customers for the citizens of the UK. If you are a PayPal Business account holder, then you can spend your PayPal balance easily, online or in stores.

Though you need a Business account to do such transactions, you can even spend money from your PayPal wallet with a linked debit card. You can still pay your bills even without a Business account with PayPal by using a convenient online account. There are some other alternatives, as well, like the Wise foreign account with a linked debit MasterCard that can help you to deal with such situations.

How Long Does It Take to Withdraw Money from PayPal?

Usually, it takes about 3 – 5 working business days for your bank to process the transfer and for the money to successfully appear in your bank account. If there is any problem with the withdrawal, it will take up to a week for your bank to notify the PayPal department.

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