How to Unlock PayPal Account?

PayPal is one of the popular online transaction and largest globally used E-Merchant platforms that help users to transfers money easily. The company also allows users to sell or deliver their products along with receiving payments from other users. But sometimes you may encounter some problems while using the PayPal account. One of the main issues that many people encounter is temporarily locked PayPal account.

There are times when some unknown reasons may block the processing of sending or receiving payments from your account. Your account can be temporarily locked, and you may be unable to conduct any sort of transaction in this case. However, there are several reasons for the PayPal account locked, mainly it arises when you go against the policies and conditions of the company. Here, in this article, we have mentioned in detail why PayPal account gets locked or how can you unlock PayPal account.

Why do PayPal Accounts Get Locked?

As mentioned, there are many reasons why PayPal account gets locked. There are few circumstances, policies, and reasons why the company locks your account. It is important to know the exact reason for the problem to identify the exact solution to unlock your PayPal account. Given below are some of the most common reasons that may lock your PayPal account:

• You have received an amount that is more than the average monthly income.
• Someone might have registered a complaint against your business to PayPal.
• Your website seems fishy to the Company, or the content uploaded on your website is not supported under the PayPal policies.
• Your account has been logged in from an unknown location that may not have been verified.
• Low Credit Score.
• You are getting money from an unknown source.

Quick Steps to Unlock PayPal Account

Once you know why your PayPal account was locked, you need to apply the following procedures to unlock PayPal Account. You can follow the steps given below to unlock your account:

• First of all, go to “Contact Us” section.
• Enter all the asked details related to your account.
• Fill the form and mention your reason as of why you want to unlock PayPal account.
• Wait till the representative from PayPal contacts you.

Documents Required to Unlock PayPal Account:

• Email ID
• Make sure your company’s name is registered
• Trusted Bank Account/ Card-related details
• Decent Credit Score (or reason if not)
• Ids
• Transaction details to ensure you haven’t done any unverified transaction
• Address Proof

Make sure you are entering the correct and adequate details.

How to Withdraw My Money from a PayPal Locked Account?

You might also want to know how to access the leftover amount that you might be unable to revive. It is advised to wait for the next 10-15 days for the company to contact you. In case if you haven’t received any update, you have to fill another form requesting to withdraw the amount. A locked PayPal account takes about 180 days to withdraw the amount.

If not, you can directly provide your bank details and card number to the company so it can send you your amount in the next 7 to 10 working days. Make sure you have a verified bank account or card before submitting it to the company otherwise you might not revive your amount.

Once the company allows you access to your account, you need to wait for about 24 hours before logging in to the main account. After that, you can access your PayPal account, you must reset PayPal password and verify other account details.

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