How to Unfreeze Venmo Account? Fix Venmo Account on Hold

Venmo is one of the popular money transfer applications that allows users to transfer money from their account to any other account. Though it is one of the most convenient online banks, you may encounter some issues while using the application. There seems to be a small issue with some users having their account gets freeze and makes them unable to do any transactions.

Whenever your Venmo account put on hold, it is important to know the exact reason behind the problem. Sometimes the problem is because of a legitimate reason. Other times, there can be some problem in your system that makes you unable to access your Venmo account. There are a few more reasons to put a Venmo account on hold. Here, in this article, we have mentioned some troubleshooting methods to have a successful Venmo login so you can use all its features easily.

What Freezes My Venmo Account?

It is important to know why your Venmo account goes on hold or it’s frozen when you try to make any payment from your account. It is important to find the exact reason to get access to your account back. The process of getting your account back actually varies on why your account has been frozen. There are several reasons why your Venmo account might go on hold. Some of these are:

Lack of Funds

It is the main reason why most of the time Venmo accounts are put on hold. Usually, this situation arises when you try to transfer money more than that available in your account. So, it is very important to keep track of how much you’ve spent or how much money is left in your account.

Violating the Terms and Agreement

When you sign up for a Venmo account, you might have gone through their terms of use. This is the user agreement, and you are bound by it and need to accept it at any cost. If you break any of the terms mentioned in that agreement, Venmo will automatically freeze your account or put it on hold.

Due to Suspicious Activity

It must be noted that all banks constantly monitor their accounts for suspicious activity. This basically helps them to protect their users’ accounts from any malicious threat. While Venmo will monitor your account to check whether you break any of their terms of the agreement. Whenever Venmo finds any suspicious activity, it will automatically freeze your account.

How do I Fix Venmo account Not Working Issue?

There are several methods that you can try to unfreeze your Venmo account. Some of these are given below:

Method 1: Check Balance in Venmo Account

As you know, your Venmo account will be frozen when you run out of funds. It makes you unable to use your Venmo account at all. In such a case, you need to add some money to your account. For this, go to and enter the login credentials of your Venmo account to sign in. Then, you’ll be able to add funds to your account simply. All you have to do is select one of the linked accounts or, and transfer some money into your account. You can also activate a Venmo account to transfer money to your wallet.

Method 2: Never Break Any Term of Agreement

As mentioned, you account can be put on hold when you break any terms and condition. To avoid such a situation, you should pay attention to what you are doing and never try to do something that you aren’t allowed to do with a Venmo account. One such reason is creating an account outside the US. You can only link your US bank accounts and mobile numbers when you want to use the account outside of the US. Always make sure that you can’t create or hold an account if you live outside of the country.

Method 3: Avoid Suspicious Activity

If your Venmo account has put on hold because of any suspicious activity, you might receive a call or email from Venmo. They need to verify if it was you, and the rest of the action will be on their part. However, if they may not be able to reach you and you are still facing the issue then you should contact Venmo on their number.

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