How To Fix PayPal Access Denied Issue?

Despite being one of the most popular platforms used for online transactions, you might face some problems while using PayPal. The company has launched various versions of the application from its first version. Now, it offers much simpler and easy to features that allow users to use the application easily. The platform is mainly known for its high-quality service and customer support. Whenever you face any issue while using the application, you must know whether it’s technical or some mistake done by you.

Whatever the reason is behind your issue, you need to apply some troubleshooting methods to fix common issues like PayPal access denied. It is one of the most common issues to occur, especially with PayPal Limited Account. You also need to unlock PayPal account when it seems to lock without any prior information. Here, in this article, we have mentioned quick methods to fix such issues.

What does access denied issue mean?

The access denied error message on PayPal indicates that you don’t have permission to access on this server. You might face this issue while accessing the PayPal official website and this issue is mostly related to the IP address. PayPal access denied issue occurs due to unstable internet connection or your device might be blacklisted by PayPal.

Besides, there are several other reasons that can cause this issue which the users can fix instantly. Go through the following section to know how to fix the PayPal Access Denied issue. We have provided simple ways to fix this issue in time.

What causes PayPal Access denied issue?

There are several reasons that may generate any issue with PayPal when you try to log in from its
official page, i.e., Some of the common causes of the issue are:

  • IP address issues: There can be some sort of very basic to severe IP address issues that makes you unable to access PayPal. Usually, this issue is mostly caused by a week or unstable interruption in internet connectivity.
  • Weak or unstable internet connectivity: Usually people search for different solutions and don’t check the status of their internet connectivity. A slow or interrupted internet connection can cause issues while accessing any service from the PayPal application, so it needs to be immediately checked.
  • Your address might be blacklisted by PayPal: This is a serious problem that makes you unable to access your PayPal account and causes access denied problems.

How to Fix Access Denied Issue of PayPal?

If you are facing the access denied issue, then you need to fix this issue in time by trying out the simple troubleshooting techniques given in this section:

1. In order to fix this issue instantly, you should turn off the internet modem and disconnect your device from the internet connection for a while. After waiting for a while, the user can again connect the device with the internet and check if the issue is fixed or not.

2. Another important cause for this issue is the outdated version of the browser as PayPal blocks a few updates of the browser due to security issues.

3. Further, you should clear off the browser and PayPal account history to fix this issue. All you have to do is clear your browser history, cache, and cookies from the browser’s setting.

4. Sometimes the IP address of your system might be blocked. So, in such cases, you should immediately contact the help center for the required help.

Hope, these methods help you to fix all the common problems with the PayPal application like the PayPal access denied issue. If you find any issue while applying these solutions then you can get in touch with our support team. These methods will help you to fix any technical problems related to

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